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Where And How Can I Order You Custom Casses I Need One For the 5s and a different one for the 5c

Hi there, thank you for your interest! I sell all cases through etsy at , however the shop is currently on vacation until August 15th. Once the shop is open again, you can request a custom order via etsy~!


Hi there, long time no see! My summer schedule is way tighter than I originally planned for, so I’ve decided to close up shop until August 15th. I should back with new things then, and I’m grateful for your support in the meantime. Thank you!

Made myself a kitschy hangyodon case, yaaaaaay!


I love my new case by Fishbowl Deco.
Like I say in the video, this is something I won in a giveaway. This is not a sponsored video at all c:

Oh wow!!! I’m so happy that you loved your case enough to make a video about it, and it’s so informative and super sweet! Thank you so much!!! It was a blast to work with you on this case, and communicating with you was really easy. (If you’re a shop thinking about sponsoring Ashely, I totally recommend her!!!) As a shop owner, seeing and hearing about someone loving something you’ve made is the most rewarding part.

This video shows how the cream I use is different from silicone really well, and it has an example of what kind of free gift will come with your case (the exact contents vary based on availability and the theme of the case you bought, but I can guarantee there will always be stickers, haha!)

So along with being totally sweet and cute, this video has some great info. Basically please watch this and give it a like and leave a cool comment for Ashley and follow her blog because this is too sweet and I’m honored and extremely happy!

2 new iPhone 5 cases up on Fishbowl Deco on etsy!

I should sync the fishbowldeco instagram to this blog so I don’t have to repost the photos…. This is still a wip, but I’m really excited about how it’s turning out! It’s a space case for the nintendo 3ds XL, wahoo!


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that’s a wrap! Fishbowl Deco’s first giveaway has finished, thank you to everyone who entered! I’m super happy!

The winner of the giveaway is tumblr user peachy-cake! Congratulations! I’ll be sending you an email and an ask here on tumblr (though it will be from my personal blog where the username is ‘arthropodsquad’ since you can’t send asks from a side blog).

Thank you to everyone supporting me, thank you to all my customers, and thank you to all the followers of this blog!  


Rilakkuma sweets case for the iPhone 5c, and a Korilakkuma sweets case for the iPhone 5.

My custom case giveaway ends in 4 days, don’t forget to enter if you’d like to win a case!